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Cookbook for my Mother
The idea is to cook once; eat for some time.
In the larder:
In the deep freezer
Side Dishes
Boiled Rice
Coconut Rice
Saffron Rice
Saffron Risotto
Tomato Rice
Turmeric Rice
Tuna & Courgette Risotto
Cooking Pasta
Spaghetti Gratins
Spaghetti Veneto
Easy Fried/Stir-Fried Potatoes
Potato Crepes
Twice-Grilled Potatoes
Marinated Potatoes and Onions
Rösti in general
Rösti from raw potatoes
Rösti from boiled potatoes
Berner Rösti
Zürcher Rösti
Deep Fried Polenta with Pancetta
Herb and feta polenta
Polenta Crusted Mushroom and Pine nut Tart
Creamy Bacon Sauce
Beurre Blanc Sauce
Cheese Sauce
Seafood Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Tuna & Tomato Sauce
White Seafood Sauce
Chicken Breasts in Sweet Lime & Ginger Marinade
Chicken in Green Sauce
Chicken Lasagna without Pasta
Chicken Liver Pâté
Chinese Crispy Duck
Flying Jacob
Pot roasted chicken legs
Spatchcocked Chicken
Stir Fried Chicken Breast with Tomatoes
Sticky Chicken Wings and Drumsticks
Super healthy dinner for one
Thai Gingered Chicken
Thai-Style Chicken, Corn, and Prawn Cakes
Turkey Curry
Turkey in Crème Fraîche Sauce
Turkey in Red Wine Gravy
Turkey in Tomato Sauce
in Danish/German
Kalkun i Cream frais Sovs (DK)
Kalkun i Tomat Sovs (DK)
Cheesy Beef Burger
Chilli Beef in Salad Leaves
Chinese Roast Lamb
Danish pork liver pate
Every Time Perfect Bacon
Filets Mignons with Bacon and Blue Cheese
Garlic Rack Of Lamb With Mint and Sun-Blushed Tomato Sauce
Gluten free Danish Meatballs (Frikadeller)
Ham with Asparagus
Lamb Curry
Little Stir Fry
Meatballs from leftovers
Nearly Vege-Burgers
Oven-baked Pork Chops
Rolled Boneless Breast of Lamb
Potatoes and leftover stir-fry
Venison Stroganoff
in Danish/German
Biksemad (DK)
Frikadeller af kogt eller stegt kød. (DK)
Hachis. (DK)
Labskovs. (DK)
Levninger af kød. (DK)
Garnierte Koteletts (DE)
Jägertopf (DE)
Cod, and Potato Stew with Saffron
Easy Rösti with Tuna Steak and steamed Broccoli
Fish Gratin
Herring - Rollmops
Herring - Swedish style
Thai Prawn Cakes
Tuna Mousse
Salmon Salad Plate
Salmon Tartars
Singing Shrimp
Spaghetti with Seafood Sauce
Stir-Fried Mango and King Prawn Rice
Stir-Fried Seafood Rice
Avocado & Tomato Dip
Beetroot Cooked
Beetroot Deep Fried
Cauliflower/Broccoli Mash
Chilli Jam
Creamed Leeks
Fried Green Tomatoes
Green Tomato - Chow-Chow
Green Tomato - End of the Garden Pickles
Green Tomato - Sweet Pickles
Green Tomato Pickle
Red Cabbage (pressure Cooker)
Oven-baked Sweet Potato & Parsnip Mash
Spinach Pilaf (Spanakorizo)
Stir-Fryed Polenta with sweet pepper
Stuffed Peppers Hungarian
Stuffed Peppers Vegetarian
Sundried Tomatoes
Vegetables in White Sauce
Broccoli & Potato Soup
Colombian Avocado and Potato Soup
Green Lentils Soup/Stew
Gluten and Milk Free Mushroom Soup
Yellow/Green Pea Soup/Stew
in Danish/German
Linse Suppe (DK)
Stuvede grøntsager (DK)
Porreesuppe (DE)
Beetroot Salad
Carrot Salad
Colourful iceberg lettuce bowl
Luncheon Salad
Mango and bacon salad
Mardi Gras Pasta Salad
Raw Courgette Salad
Tomato Avocado and Mango salad
in Danish/German
Bunte Eisberg-Schalchen (DE)
Nudelsalat Italien (DE)
Bunter Salatmix (DE)
Eichblattsalat mit Hähnchenbrust und Mango (DE)
Gurkensalat mit gerösteten Mandeln (DE)
Mediterraner Kartoffelsalat (DE)
Apple Crumble
Apple Pecan Pancakes
Apple Spice Syrup.
Apple Tart
Baked Apples
Microwave Cooked Apple
Baked Chocolate Mousse with Passion Fruit
Blueberry Cheesecake
Carrot Cake
Cheer up Fruit
Chocolate Chip Trifle - The Full Monty
Courgette Cake
Lemon-Orange Meringues
Fresh Fruit Brulée
Poached Pears with Toffee Sauce
Pear dessert
Pear Sorbet
Plum Tart
Rice Pudding (My Favourite)
Rice pudding (from Gesine)
Sanguinello jellies
Three-coloured rice ‘n’ cheese cake
in Danish/German
Risengrød (DK)
Kiksekage (DK)
Rüblitorte (DE)
Zitronen Roulade) (DE)
Easy Orange Smoothie
Leftover mustard coloured Smoothie
My Beetroot Smoothie
Tonight’s Smoothie is Red
Green Smoothie (#1)
Green Smoothie (#2)
This & That
Bengali Garam Marsala
Garam Marsala Spice Mix
Omelette with bacon and vegetables
Oriental Strudel
Cheddar and Cider Fondue with apple rösti
Cheese Gratin
Cheese Sauce
Three Cheese Fondue
in Danish/German
Røræg med Bacon og Grønsager (DK)
Tomat Sovs (DK)
Ravioli mit Chicorée (DE)
Käseauflauf (DE)


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