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I have been in business since 1996. I mainly deal within the private sector.
I used to do much more hardware oriented work but have decided that the technology is moving so fast that I can’t and will not be able to keep up with it.

I will of course still help and advice all my customers;
but the nitty gritty of mending and upgrading is not really for me anymore.

The following services are still available for a very reasonable price.

  • I can help you find new & used off-the-shelf bespoke computers, laptops and tablets even smartphones; PC components, software and peripherals - such as printers/scanners and backup systems and media.
  • Troubleshooting/fault finding (and, if required, a user friendly explanation)
  • Free help and instructions on translating jargon
  • For tuition please check: Pc-How2

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Please E-mail for further information.
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