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MusseKat Support was established as a small business in 1996.

MusseKat Support provided computer services to small businesses as well as home users in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas up to a 20-mile radius.
I used to sell computers, laptops, printers, cd drives and all types of computer consumables.

I still provide support and advice regarding PCs as well as teaching people how to use computers.

I have been in IT since 1968 and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment.
It isn’t every day that a person can say they love their work; but for me my work was my hobby and therefor it was a joy to perform.
I have often been known to have a Terrier mentality, once started on a problem; I will not let it go without having come up with a solution.

I retired in 2003 from my payed work and concentrated on my future by taking 18 City & Guilds diplomas in computing, this should have taken 3 years but I finished in one. All my friends were laughing and jokingly said – you wrote the manuals so why did you take the diplomas? I needed the diplomas so that I could take another one in teaching computing. It was all fun and absolutely no bother.

I then branched out and took 3 more City & Guilds diplomas this time in how to build webpages and online databases using MySql and the last one I took with honours.

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